The controversy over Nintendo’s decision to exclude same-sex relationships in its 3DS life sim, Tomodachi Life, has reached the mainstream media in the funniest way possible. This past weekend, John Oliver covered the issue on his weekly HBO news show, Last Week Tonight, offering a video that shows Nintendoland’s surprising reactions to Nintendo’s apology and promise of future inclusion.

It would appear that the denizens of Nintendoland have been holding back a lot of pent up gay energy, as the video shows us iconic characters hooking up with same sex partners. Mario and Link lock lips while Yoshi and Toad tie the knot, taking full advantage of the pension-sharing rights afforded by marriage. Bowser, meanwhile, mourns the passing of his life-mate, Donkey Kong, and in what is sure to be the game’s most popular segment, Zelda and Peach share a passionate kiss before sliding into bed. It’s essentially a CG recreation of the first act of every piece of Nintendo fan fiction ever written.

While setting up the video, John Oliver mentions how much progress has been made in terms of equality since Massachusetts legalized gay marriage a decade ago. This shift in public opinion is reflected in games, as well. Just 7 years ago, Mass Effect came under fire for allowing the female version of Commander Shepard to pursue a relationship with Liara T’Soni, an alien who is technically gender-neutral, but looks distinctly female. The fact that the current controversy is about a game NOT having a same-sex option shows just how far we’ve come. Sadly, the YouTube comments show just how far we still have to go.