Man At Arms: Reforged is at it again with yet another awesome recreation. This time the team turns their talents to Auron's Katana from Final Fantasy X.

If you don't know what Man At Arms: Reforged is all about, the channel follows a group of blacksmiths and craftsmen that do some pretty awesome recreations of fictional weapons. In this episode, they take on the highly requested task of recreating Auron's Katana from Final Fantasy X. The video takes you through the entire painstaking process of getting everything just right and then rewards everyone with some awesome scenes at the end where the creators cut a bunch of stuff in half... or thirds... or just completely destroy it.

If you don't think cutting things into itty bitty pieces is cool, you can instead watch on as the team intricately remakes one of the most famous Katanas in Final Fantasy history. The team takes the viewer through all the different processes of making the Katana, not only the blacksmithing process that the audience would come to expect, but also the bronze design near the handle of the Katana and the wrapping process for the handle itself. It's pretty incredible how much goes into working the metal just for it to be molded into the general shape, before it's even shaved down. There are a ton of different processes, tools, materials and much more that the creators use to craft this Katana that you can check out above.

Check out the video above to see the intricate detail and extreme hard work that is poured into the making of Auron's Katana.

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