She might be from The King of Fighters, but right now she's looking like she might become the queen of our hearts. Let's check out the fiery ninja, Mai Shiranui!

She's got deadly butterfly fans, but she also has fans around the world who love her moves and her attractive character design. Mai's infamous for fighting while wearing very little, but it's probably something that works in her favor more often than not.

Here's Italian cosplayer, Giorgia, working it as the famous ninja, complete in her red outfit. She even adopts some of Mai's signature poses, really getting into character. She even shows off Mai's demure side by toting around a little parasol. We don't know what could be lovelier.

Check out all of her amazing video game outfits on her official deviantART page or her own personal cosplay site! She also sings some Eurobeat stuff, so be sure to check that out!

Danielle Faccioli/Giorgia
Danielle Faccioli