The King of Fighters series has long been known for its lively two-dimensional art, with HD characters and backgrounds all still drawn in loving 2D while other fighting games expand to 3D. Tired of letting Street Fighter have all the fun, it seems SNK Playmore's flagship fighting franchise will be making the jump to the third dimension as well.

Siliconera reports SNK Playmore listed job openings for a new King of Fighters title, and among the skills required for would-be employees the company listed the need for programmers with understanding of 3D computer work. “Indeed, a new installment in 3D in the KOF series is currently in preparation," SNK Playmore told the site in a statement.

With the ongoing success of the last few iterations of King of Fighters, making the move to 3D seems a logical choice, as it will help keep the games looking impressive as HD televisions get more highly-defined, and will reduce development costs in the long run.


While there's no word on when this 3D King of Fighters might hit, SNK Playmore did announce it expects a majority of the development time to go towards rendering Benimaru's beautiful hair.

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