Apparently all you need to break out of a futuristic prison is a magnet gun in Guru Games' upcoming puzzle game, Magnetic: Cage Closed.

Magnetic: Cage Closed locks the player in a prison to serve for past crimes and the only way out is by using a gun that just sucks everything made of metal to it. You'll have to traverse through different levels in order to make your way out, but each level presents its own problem to solve. You'll get fire shot at you, have to play the-floor-is-lava (or in this case poison), game from childhood and become almost impaled by spikes as you try to make your way out of this totally escapable yet totally life threatening dungeon.

It seems that, at first, you're just playing as a prisoner that would, you know, rather not be in prison. However, the game will take a sharp turn where it's either you escape the prison or you die, essentially. It will be interesting to see how Guru Games pulls this off.

You can check out the game this weekend at PAX South or when it comes out for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One sometime in March for $14.95 for the standard edition or $19.95 for the special edition.