Warner Bros. and Avalanche Studios released a new trailer for Mad Max, showcasing the strongholds you'll plunder and survive out in the Wasteland.

Max Rockatansky is back in this Gamescom 2015 trailer for Mad Max. This video is all about the strongholds you'll be laying siege to throughout the nuclear outback. As we all remember from the iconic 1979 classic that built Mel Gibson's career, Max lost his wife and baby to the atrocities that the raiders of the outback are capable of. Throw in some nuclear fallout, and Max eventually became the ultimate survivor. While he proved that his heart still beats warm blood by helping the unfortunate survivors he encountered in his travels, Max still has a void in his soul from his losses. Max's new car mechanic knows that he needs friends, no matter how much of a lone wolf he is.

This new trailer focuses on Deep Fryah, Pink Eye, Jeet and Gutgash, introducing us to some of the villains and costars of this new, George Miller-inspired tale. You're going to need to overhaul and customize Max's car, whether it be for defense, offense, travel or overall efficiency, in order to traverse the Wasteland and take on the merciless dictator, Scrotus. We just hope this game turns out to be as good as Fury Road was.

Mad Max will launch on Sept. 1 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Surprisingly, Mad Max: Fury Road will also launch on this date.

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