Luigi may be armed with the Poltergust 5000, but that doesn't stop our hero from getting the shakes in a new story intro video for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Coming out March 24th on the Nintendo 3DS, the title has Luigi being sucked into saving Professor E. Gadd from a plethora of chaos driven ghosts.

The video intro shows these spirits were friendly beings before fragments of the dark moon hit Gadd's residence, thus altering their personalities. With the use of a device called the pixelator, Gadd forces Luigi into his world, using a television set as the portal.

Giving a slight nod to the film Poltergeist, the entertaining intro video is just one of the many reasons we're looking forward to Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. The multiplayer functionality, especially when working in Hunter Mode to clear the ScareScraper, is another plus that could propel the game into rarefied territory.

Check out the video below and tell us if the intro for Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon has you primed for some Nintendo ghost busting.