Nintendo's vacuum-based ghost-busting is going to take quarters as Luigi's Mansion started to hit the arcade scene.

Arcade Heroes reports that Capcom has made a Luigi's Mansion Arcade game. It's interesting to see that Nintendo outsourced the development of a Luigi arcade game to Capcom. Since Bandai Namco is handling Pokken Tournament, we're glad the Big N is no longer being stingy with letting third parties make games featuring its main licenses.

Luigi's Mansion Arcade features a theater cabinet design that will play similarly to a light gun title but with Luigi's Poltergust vacuum as the primary weapon. Unfortunately, Capcom has had an abysmal arcade presence in the west as of late -- the days of Street Fighter and Marvel vs. Capcom cabinets are long over. At the same time, we did get to see Nintendo's Mario Kart arcade game come to the states, so we're hoping that something similar happens for Luigi's Mansion. It does seem like the perfect kind of game for Dave & Buster's to pick up.

Hopefully, the next time we report about Luigi's Mansion Arcade, we will be bearing news of it coming to North America.