In case you really wanted a blast from the past today, you can check out an old Sega infomercial on YouTube in all its totally rad glory.

If you've been missing tying your flannels around your waist or teasing the crap out of your hair, Sega is here to remind you how much the 90's rocked. Chris Bieniek (via Kotaku) decided it would be a good idea to unleash the nostalgia of a 1994 infomercial for Sega on the world.

The infomercial was originally released to promote Sega's 32X, an add-on for its Sega Genesis console. The teens in the video seem to be most concerned with how much faster it would make their games run and that was pretty much, unsurprisingly, Sega's main reason for producing the add-on in the first place. There are also more than one mention of the video games Doom and Virtua Racing Deluxe, which came out not long before this infomercial was released.

You can watch the whole glorious infomercial above if you want to relive your childhood without actually having to play the old games again. Just try not to go brain dead from '90s overload.

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