Formerly known as Loot Entertainment, you might remember some of the company's previous efforts in the PlayStation arena like Fuster Cluck and Q*Bert Reloaded. The company has shed its Sony skin, and is rebranding as Loot Interactive ahead of E3, where it plans to reveal three all-new games at the IndieCade Showcase.

The publisher is going full indie for the very first time, and is going big at its first solo E3. Loot Interactive will debut Whispering Willows, Back to Bed and Velocibox at the industry event, all of which will be coming to PlayStation platforms sometime later this year. Despite stepping out from under the Sony shadow, Loot Interactive is still comfortable in the PlayStation ecosystem, where it hopes its new IPs will still find a place to shine.

“This has been a long time coming, but Loot Interactive is finally ready to declare its independence as an indie game publisher,” said Co-Founder and Managing Director, David  Sterling. “We’re ready to kick off E3 with a strong showing of launch games to set the stage for a very aggressive release schedule of fantastic new indie titles through 2015… and beyond!”

Developed by NightLight Interactive, Whispering Willows is a hand-painted, 2D adventure game that follows its female protagonist through a horror-themed world. Bedtime Digital is bringing its Escher-inspired Back to Bed to the event, where it hopes the puzzle game will stand out thanks to its surreal influences. Velocibox, from Shawn Beck Games, will be an endless runner where players guide a box through an obstacle course that increases in difficulty the farther you progress.

All three games are planned for release on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, and are expected to drop later this summer. You can check out the first screens of all the new games below.