Looks like the atmospheric, platforming-filled levels of purgatory are expanding as Playdead gears up for a PlayStation 4 release of Limbo.

IGN reports that Limbo recently appeared on the PEGI (Pan European Game Information) website, which is used to rate games that are going to be sold throughout the continent. This rating in Europe strongly suggests that we will be seeing Playdead's monochromatic platformer on PlayStation 4 soon in North America. Limbo originally launched in 2010 and has been ported to PC, iOS, PS Vita, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Limbo is a platformer/puzzle hybrid that tells the story of a boy exploring the bleak and dangerous areas of purgatory for his sibling.

A few months ago, Microsoft announced early adopters of the Xbox One would be getting Limbo for free. Limbo's upcoming Xbox One release also echoes the notion that it will be coming to PS4.