As a means of saying thanks, Microsoft will be giving one of the most atmospheric puzzle-platformer hybrids for free to those who had an Xbox One since the beginning.

Microsoft is rolling out all sorts of free goodies for day one owners of the Xbox One, Polygon reports. Since it is the one-year anniversary of the Xbox One's launch, the masses are getting free stuff from Microsoft in order to help celebrate. Day one Xbox One owners should have recently received the following message on their system's dashboard when logging onto their account:

"Thanks for being an Xbox One early adopter. To celebrate Year One, we're giving you Limbo when it's released. Stay tuned, your free code will arrive here."

All Xbox One owners (regardless of when they got the system) should be getting a Year One Gamer Picture, new Xbox One backgrounds, a Year One background image, a free rental of 'Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods' and a free rental of 'Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn.' Random users will be selected to get all sorts of awesome things, like console bundles and free digital game downloads. We previously reported that Limbo was likely heading to current-gen consoles, and we're glad to see so many people get such an amazing game for free.