The geniuses over at First 4 Figures have done it again. After creating excellent figures of Dark Link and Midna riding Wolf Link, they've just unveiled their latest creation, and it's an absolute doozy.

Light Suit Samus comes from Metroid Prime 2: Echoes, as one of the various power-ups Samus receives throughout the game, and now it will be immortalized with a brand new statue. Light Suit Samus is the first in a new line of Metroid Master Arts statues, the rest of which will be revealed in the future.

According the product page, this statue "has been rendered at a jaw-dropping 1/4 scale to encapsulate immense power that the Light Suit holds. She towers at 20 inches tall." The $364.99 price tag is awfully steep, but the attention to detail is simply marvelous, so we may have to consider it.

Even more enticing is the tease of more Metroid statues coming from First 4. Samus has plenty of suits that could be turned into awesome statues, but what about other characters from that universe? Could First 4 make a giant Ridley statue that we could sit at our desk to scare people away? Let's not forget about Kraid either, whose immense physique would make for an incredible figure.

For now, we're going to mull over whether or not to purchase this Samus statue and wait for whatever else First 4 has in store for us. Say a prayer for our wallets.