Light in the Dark is a physics puzzler which takes every possible angle to unlock its mysteries, and if you're patient enough, you may find what you're looking for just around the corner.

Different colored totems have lost their babies within the darkness of the Egyptian tombs, and with their powers to emit and bend light, they can find their children and wake them up from slumber. To complete each level, the exact light's color must match the exact color of the child totems, with the puzzles getting progressively harder when you have to maneuver the light past blockades that block your path.

Although Light in the Dark contains a seemingly simple goal, executing that task gets progressively more difficult and complex. As you delve deeper into the game, the puzzles will require different light combinations, moving select objects, and even making sure these rays don't awaken and disturb the resident mummies. Though it's filled with cutesy, cartoon driven graphics, Light in the Dark contains a welcome layer of nuance.

Dreamgate Studios

To control the totems, place your finger on their body and drag them around the maze until their light targets the respective baby that needs to be rescued. Complications arise when another different colored totem has to save its baby, and now you'll employ another finger to drag that totem around the puzzle.  Since you can earn up to three stars per level, the optimal form of completing each level is to successfully grab all three stars while saving the babies. Whether it’s having different totems or blockades within each room, solving the puzzles can get a bit complicated.

The touch and drag gameplay mechanic is the perfect complement to Light in the Dark, and moving objects and totems around each maze was never an issue while playing on my iPad or iPhone. Even if certain stages may give your brain a workout, mastering the controls is an easy process.

Dreamgate Studios

A huge element of this puzzler's appeal rests in its attention that's given to the objects which surround each room. Crates are not just an impediment to a totem's process but can be used to block a certain colored light that shouldn't hit a certain area of the puzzle. Mirrors are also featured in certain rooms, enabling totems to direct their light to a specific area. Since each of these objects can be moved around the maze on select levels, different colored rays will be bounding off in various directions, and finding that specific light to awaken your baby as well as unlock a few stars won't be an instantaneous process. Certain puzzles may take you less than a minute to solve, but others may require at least five minutes to initially complete.

Dreamgate Studios

With dozens of levels of Light in the Dark completed, I've yet to encounter a monotonous moment during my puzzle solving. Each room has a distinct intricacy that will challenge your intellect (and possibly your fingers) to keep the experience interesting. At a price point of $1.99, Light in the Dark gives you a ton of bang for your buck, and the only in-app purchases you may need are three hints for just $0.99. I've only used hints once during my gameplay, and even though I've encountered my share of challenges, not having a plethora of hints at my disposal hasn't been a problem.

Dreamgate Studios

With over 30 in-game achievements, a catchy score, and the ability to even change the color modes of your totems, Light in the Dark is a solid puzzler that should keep you entertained for hours on end. To fully enjoy the game, however, I'd recommend spending most of your Light in the Dark time on an iPad, as solving a puzzle with the use of two fingers may get a bit tricky. That being said, the new iPhone 6's larger screen may put that mild annoyance to bed.

This review was based on a downloaded copy of Light in the Dark for iOS.

App Store Link: Light in the Dark for iPhone and iPad | By Dreamgate Studios I Price: $1.99 | Version: 1.1 | 70.8 MB| Rating 4+

7.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating