Let Me Loose possesses a great moniker, as any human or creature can relate to the idea of yearning to break free. In this case, our suffocating protagonist is an amoeba, an explorer who refuses to remain stagnant. There is a world to explore and tasty scrummies to digest, and it's our duty to help him venture forth into that great unknown.

At its most basic level, Let Me Loose exists as a physics driven puzzler which appears easy enough to handle. During the first 20 sections, your amoeba is caught up in a physics lab, and by tilting your device you can move him from one direction to the next. Although your main directive is to have him exit to the next stage, letting him feast on the rainbow colored scrummies will sure brighten his day. Each section is also timed, and if you're the competitive sort you will try to best your previous record.

During the physics lab section you are gifted three vials of water which, when employed, will give your amoeba a freer amount of movement. Instead of tilting to move him about, touch your new buddy and drag him to towards the exit. Test tubes will block his path, but they can be moved based on the directional arrows that they come marked with. In the following picture, the amoeba has successfully moved around the tube, will eat a scrummy, and is headed to the next stage.

Let Me Loose's design is a sight to behold once the puzzles get a wee bit more complicated. Moving test tubes to give your amoeba a bit of space sounds laborious, but linking the respective pieces and finding their respective function is a diverting experiencing. More sophisticated puzzle solvers will attempt to grab all the scrummies within a quicker time, and seeing the patterns in an expedited fashion can truly test one's intellectual capabilities. Since my brain's capacities are far from Einstein's, I'm looking for the exit as fast as possible.

My one piece of advice is to keep those three bottles of water for the gravity rounds, which comes right after your 20 levels at the lab. Although your amoeba can also get electrocuted in the physics rounds, entering the gravity state gives you less control of your fate, as various levers will briskly fling your organism forward to his target. Tilting your device to avert electrocution or traveling to an unintended area of the puzzle is much more difficult with levers throwing you all around the area. By using the water upgrade, your hero can navigate these dangers by moving away from these levers as you solve the respective puzzle. As you move these electricity ridden contraptions, you can safely drag the amoeba to the next level.

Considering the app costs just $0.99, you're getting 20 solid levels, and if you want to spend extra cash for water, that's completely your call. With a Bio and an Aero lab section also available, Let Me Loose is a total steal for such a cheap price. And if you master all of these challenging stages sans of an in-app water purchase, you'll have my undying respect. Whether it's in iOS form or at my local gym, I could always, to paraphase the photo, use a swim.

I'll give the gravity section another hour or so without the use of in-app purchases to see if I can solve the challenges organically. Even if this game is triggered for the mandatory use of IAPs, I'm giving Let Me Loose a pass. It gave me enough bang for my buck, and if I scrape a few more nickels together, I'll head back to the lab for some quality amoeba time.

App Store Link: Let Me Loose for iPhone & iPad | By Chillingo Ltd. | Price: $0.99 | Version: 1.0.0 | 49.1 MB | Rating 4+

7.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating