In case you forgot, there's a Lego Marvel video game still on the docket this year. That's on top of Lego Jurassic World, Lego Worlds and Lego Dimensions, all of which are either currently available or coming very, very soon. Though we haven't had a Lego Marvel game proper since Lego Marvel Super Heroes in 2013, we have had one of the biggest Marvel movies of all time release this year. Guess that makes it perfect timing for a new adventure in the Lego Marvel world.

The first full trailer for Lego Marvel's Avengers arrived, just ahead of its gameplay debut at E3 2015. Like Lego Jurassic Park, Indiana Jones, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings before it, Lego Avengers will combine the cinematic heroics of Marvel's most well-known team of heroes into one game disc. While it is a bit of a shame we won't have quite as big a look into the Lego Marvel U as we did with the previous game, this trailer does bring back fond feelings for Lego Hulk.

This trailer largely focuses the recreation of the first Avengers movie in Lego form, with a majority of the gameplay shown coming from the big finale against the Chitauri invasion. We see glimpses of all the familiar faces like Captain America and Black Widow, as well as the big dragon alien that the Hulk punches in the face. Of course, in the film, Hulk didn't take time out for a few selfies after knocking the space slug out cold.

The action is right on par with what we've seen before in a Lego game, but after how drastically different and fun Lego Batman 3 was, it's going to be interesting to see what new twists Lego Avengers brings to the fold. Very little actual gameplay mechanics were shown off, but we'll likely get a better look at all of that next week during E3. There's a little tease for Ultron at the end, so we're hoping this means we can see characters like Scarlet Witch and Falcon join the fun as well.

Lego Marvel's Avengers is due out this winter on almost every viable platform out on the market. Originally the game was slated for the fall, but it's likely TT Games and Warner Bros. Interactive don't want to step on Lego Dimensions' toes, so they bumped the release date for Avengers just a bit.

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