In your spare time, you might clean your apartment, read a book, walk your dog, write on your blog, learn French, or even play a video game or two. Not this guy. This guy takes his spare time and Minecrafts the world's largest Star Wars themed roller coaster. Take that, French lesson!

I can't build anything in Minecraft because I'm an uncreative moron with the architectural sense of a blind baboon, so when I see things like this, I'm blown away by how one individual could create something so in-depth and (let's be frank), insane.

Minecraft users have created everything from a complete walk-through of Hogwart's castle, to structures from the Roman Empire, to sets from Game of Thrones. These sets and themes takes months to build, and in the case of this Star Wars roller coaster, three years. With some set pieces taking up to six months to do.

If you love Star Wars, Minecraft, roller coasters, or even creative crap in general, then you'll dig this video. The guy has been playing Minecraft with his daughter for years. Click here to visit his blog. Great job, sir!