We're not exactly sure how much thought went into naming this character, but we love her anyways. Today's featured cosplay character is Lady, from the Devil May Cry series!

Honestly, though ... "Lady"? Love the name or hate it, you can't deny that the character is what made Devil May Cry all the more kick-ass. What's not to love about a tough girl who wears a cute outfit and carries a customized missile launcher? And best of all is that she actually coins the phrase "Devil May Cry" and gives the series/Dante's shop its name. For that, Lady, we thank you.

These outfits are worn by Narga, a Russian cosplayer, who is part of the Lifestream cosplay team. She's got Lady's default school girl-esque outfit and then the alternate jumpsuit costume. Both suits are outfitted with the essential accessories (which are mainly weapons), and she's even got Lady's heterochromic eyes and the scar across her nose. Those two features alone sum up the character pretty well, because she's both very pretty and very deadly.

If you'd like to see more of Narga and her team, check out their Facebook and her personal deviantART page! Show her some love, because this she-devil definitely makes us cry tears of joy.

Arwen Photo