Konami has issued a statement on the Japanese Metal Gear Twitter page about all the rumors going on about HIdeo Kojima's departure and the possible dissolving of Kojima Productions.

With all signs pointing towards Hideo Kojima leaving Konami after the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Konami has finally stepped forward to address the rumors, Kotaku reports. The official Japanese Metal Gear Twitter page recently posted a series of Tweets (provided below) that talk about Kojima's current state of involvement at Konami. Unforutnately, these messages do nothing but dance around the topic and remind us that Kojima is still working on The Phantom Pain, completely avoiding the major questions everyone has been asking in regards to Kojima staying after the games' release and whether or not Kojima Productions as we knew it was dissolved. Konami's avoidance of the real questions leave us fearing for the worst.

Here is a translation of Konami's three Tweets:

 In accordance with the recent change in production organization of all of Konami, Kojima Productions, as well as other internal production companies, has had its name, etc., changed to move into the corporate headquarters work structure.

The name and organization has changed, but as before, MGSV: TPP is continuing as a work from director Kojima and the existing team members.

Naturally, director Kojima is playing the game, checking all the small details and giving directions to the staff as the title continues to completion. Bringing the thoughts and ideas of director Kojima in an open world game of the size of TPP is incredibly difficult, the director and the team that’s been there from the start are coming together as one as they aim to finish the game, so please give them the support they need.

A multitude of signs have been pointing towards Hideo Kojima leaving Konami after nearly 30 years of working together. The famous tagline of "A Hideo Kojima Game" has been removed from all the available Metal Gear titles on Konami's website as well as the promotional images for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Kojima Productions is being renamed Konami Los Angeles. Kojima Productions' website appears to have closed, simply redirecting visitors instantly to the official Metal Gear Solid website.

Of course, Konami has already gone public about hiring for experienced and creative leaders to join their development of the next big Metal Gear game after The Phantom Pain. Konami's continuing dance around the subject and simply saying "Kojima will stay and work until the release of The Phantom Pain" does nothing to reassure us that he will be staying afterwards. In fact, it just draws more attention to the fact that they're most likely hiding his departure until Kojima or Konami gives an actual direct response.

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