Konami pays tribute to its timeless side-scrolling classic, Contra, and LucasArts' Super Star Warsseries with a Chewbacca-fueled run-and-gun for smartphones.

Konami released a debut trailer for a Contra-inspired mini-game in the Star Wars Force Collection app for the iOS and Android formats. What's awesome about this mini-game is that it consists of fours levels of balls-to-the-wall action starring our favorite Wookie. Konami admits that the mini-game was heavily inspired by its difficult and timeless shooter, Contra, which debuted in arcades back in 1987 before its unforgettable launch on the Nintendo Entertainment System. Just like Contra, Chewie has to run, jump, dodge and shoot his way through legions of Imperial forces. Luckily, he has Thermal Detonators and even a Spread Shot to help him clean house.

Tell Lance and Bill to sit this one out, because Chewie can jump-flip just as well as they can while shooting his Bowcaster into the Empire's forces. It doesn't matter if you're fighting Stormtroopers or a massive AT-ST, this feels like both Contra and Super Star Wars at the same time, and we love it all.

You can download Star Wars: Force Collection from the App Store or Google Play for free to access this awesome mini-game. Make sure you do the Konami code to see if you get anything.

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