When you think of online RPG games, you don't expect to find them popping up on your phone. An app like Kingturn Underworld RPG on the surface may appear like too bulky of a game to enjoy on your phone, but it's the complete opposite. Despite the fact that the graphics look rather dated, this game is filled with enough humor and action to keep your attention for hours on end.

Kingturn Underworld RPG starts you off in the middle of battle with a skeleton army, cracking humorous insults your way as the basic instructions pop up in front of you. The humor is a pinch adult, but it's nothing too obscene. When a bunch of skeletons are making a bunch of wise-cracks at each other, it reminds me of movies like Army of Darkness. Then you go straight into battle, learning how to use different spells and basic attack moves to win over your adversaries. Did your skeleton army man just die? No need to worry. All it takes is just five rounds for the bag of bones to heal up before he can march back into battle. The mechanisms of the battle may come off as a pinch complicated at first, but it's really easy to get the hang of it even without watching the video tutorial on the menu page.

Once you're done with a battle you can boost up your character's strength through whatever items that he/she is able to carry. The more people you defeat per battle, the more gold you're able to acquire to use for equipment purchases. What makes this RPG even more entertaining is just the clever dialogue used by different characters, tying in different parts of this adventure all together. There's all sorts of magic and battle craziness going on, so adding a little humor to this makes it all the better. Not to mention it's funny seeing some of these little 8-bit characters go off about getting nice and comfortable with a lady or two. The graphics are on the lower side, but they make the game stand out at the same time. Instead of being riddled with a bunch of shiny graphics, we've got more of an old school aesthetic going on that strangely works.

The only complaint that I have with this app is just how surprisingly difficult it is in the lower levels to defeat some of these monsters. They're pretty high up when it comes to their health, a lot more than you are, and when one of your characters get cornered you better watch out. With a little bit of practice you get the hang of it and you're able to try and survive all the way towards the end of the level. Make sure you click on your character that way you can see the additional spells that he/she is able to use. It makes defeating some of these higher leveled characters that much easier to do.

Kingturn Underworld RPG could be a game that one could easily see pop up on an old Playstation, but the retro feel and fun battles makes this app so much fun to play.


App Store Link: Kingturn Underworld RPG for iPhone & iPad | By Mangobile | Price: Free | Version: 1.3 | 31.4 MB | Rating: 12+

7.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating