King Cashing 2 can be filed under the list of “sequels which improve on the original in pretty much every way.” Productions Multimage combined slot machines with some RPG mechanisms to poop out an addictively fun and entertaining sequel where the player could be viewed as the good guy or the bad guy. Interested, yet?


The player’s characters all consists of zombies, with the main one being the Zombie King who has taken a device to bring back other dead people. But, instead of slumbering around looking for fresh meat to eat, Zombie King and company are more concerned about collecting treasure and restoring the King’s former wealth. Pesky humans keep getting in their way, though, so multiple battles ensue. Now ask yourself, who are the good guys here? We’ve been trained to think that zombies are flesh eating bad guys, but all the King wants to eat are gold coins. So, abandon your preconceived notions of villainy, and let your actions decide whether your zombies are good or bad.

The story is lined out in comic book form, and battles are played via slot machine. The player chooses three of his own characters to fight with, who all show up in the first reel, the player’s three weapons of choice end up in the second reel, and the third reel is the home of your opponent. One of the nice things about this is that you can stop the reels all at once with the touch of a button, or stop them individually if you have really fast reflexes. Lining up the weapons and characters with the opponent deals out damage. This form of game play is as addictive and equally frustrating as real slot machines. It’s fun to try out your reflexes, but really difficult to be good at it because the reels move so damn fast! You are bound to get a lot of misses, which will stick in your craw, but compel you to try again.

However, there are only so many chances each game to spin the slot machines. The player is allotted a specific number of cherries at the beginning of the battle and each spin cost three cherries. If you don’t deplete the enemies’ health by the time your cherry count reaches zero, you lose. There are a ton of customizations and strategy points to King Cashing 2 to help tip the odds in your favor. Each character and weapon deals out so many hit points and some come with bonuses. Some opponents are immune to certain weapons and have weaknesses to others, so it’s all about equipping the right combination of characters and weapons in order to win a fight. As you progress, more items are unlocked, which you can keep or sell for coins. You earn money at a respectable rate, and can purchase plenty of oddities at the shop.

King Cashing 2 can be tedious if you just can’t seem to get lucky on the slot machines and have to repeat battles. It’s also pretty short unless you insist on achieving gold stars in each battle. Despite that, it’s a bizarre and fun game, one that’s well worth investing time into.


App Store Link: King Cashing 2 for iPhone & iPad | By Productions Multimage Inc | Price: $2.99 | Version: 1.0.1 | 111 MB | Rating 12+

7.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating