The highly anticipated sequel to the zombie game, Killing Floor, finally has a release date for when it hits Steam Early Access.

PC Gamer reports that Killing Floor 2 will be shuffling its way onto Steam Early Access extremely soon. Tripwire Interactive has not only announced a release date, but also the price that Killing Floor 2 will be hitting us with when it does launch for Steam Early Access. The game will be set directly after the first installment in the series and takes place in Europe. You will have 11 different kinds of monsters to deal with in the new game and there will be four different classes, as of now, that the players can choose from. There will also be a Hell on Earth difficulty for the game... just in case in case you were efficient at slaying the undead.

The game will also include the first Killing Floor, but with some pretty nicely updated graphics. Now, the path to the trader isn't just a fuzzy neon green line that blends in with the lights sometimes, but instead a super cool blue arrow. It will be interesting to see how the game progresses on Steam Early Access. It has definitely already come very far from the pre-alpha stage that we first saw at Comic Con a while back.

You can check out the video below for some gameplay footage as you wait for Killing Floor 2 to come out for Steam Early Access on April 21 for $30.

For those on the wall about playing Killing Floor 2, here is some 60fps gameplay footage of it from PC Gamer: