If you've ever played Killing Floor, you know what gore is. Now, Tripwire Interactive is coming out with Killing Floor 2 and it promises to bring its fans even more of the gore that came to define its first creation.

It's been known since May that a sequel to Killing Floor was in the works. However, what we didn't know is Killing Floor 2 it will be released on PlayStation 4 and PC. Indie devs have been a little wary of the big consoles because of the dealings with the usually larger publisher companies that usually go along with them. Now, Tripwire Interactive can start to tap into the potential of the PS4. If you've already beaten every insane level of Killing Floor, you can anticipate its sequel to come out sometime in 2015 and to be even more bloody than the first.

With key features like visceral gore, 6 player co-op (and solo play), terrifying zeds, creative and old school weapons, an expanded perk system and brutal melee combat, the game seems like it won't disappoint. So you'd better get ready to battle some undead guys with chainsaw hands for PS4 and PC when Killing Floor 2 debuts in 2015.