The Nintendo 3DS will be getting a rather bizarre game when Kersploosh hits the eShop on March 7th.

Ever dropped a rock down a well, and timed how long it took to hear the splash? Well then Kersploosh might just be the game you're looking for. In it, you play as the rock (or Matryoshka doll, or watermelon), being dropped into a rather deep well, and you've got to guide the item into the water below. The trick is there are all sorts of crazy objects in your path like wooden posts, rotating blades, slices of pizza, cookies, and more.

Each item you drop has a specific set of attributes (hit points, weight), that affect how it falls. The object of the game is to get to the water intact and as fast as possible. It's definitely one of the more interesting digital titles we've seen, and could actually prove to be rather addictive once it's actually out.

Check out some screenshots from the game below, and let us know what item you'd like to drop down a well in the comments below.