We finally know when Cave Story's developer, Studio Pixel, will be releasing its next game.

Studio Pixel's newest title has had its name changed to Kero Blaster, Polygon reports. Kero Blaster was originally billed as Gero Blaster until recently. The title and story of the game have been overhauled along with its title character. Kero Blaster remains the same 2D, retro-looking action platformer, but now stars an office worker and a bipedal frog having to clear all the monsters out of specific areas to help with their workplace's teleporter. Originally, Gero Blaster was about a frog named Kaeru trying to save his cat girlfriend while in a very dangerous area filled with otherworldly monsters.

Kero Blaster will be available for both iOS and PC download on May 11. The iOS version will cost $4.99 and the PC version will sell for $7.99. Kero Blaster's launch date of May 11 coincides with the 3-year anniversary of Playism, the Japanese digital publisher that is helping with the distribution of Kero Blaster and has helped other indie titles in the past, such as Dear Esther, La-Mulana and the critically acclaimed To the Moon.

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