"Oh good, that film adaptation of Kane and Lynch might still be happening," said no one ever. Looks like nobody is about to get the movie they always wanted.

Way back in 2007, which seems like millennia ago, Bruce Willis and Jaime Foxx were eying the roles of all-around bad dudes Kane and Lynch for a film based on the mildly successful video game, Kane and Lynch. Thankfully, the movie languished in development hell for a few years, and was all but forgotten. That is, until this week when the Hollywood Reporter broke news the project might be revived.

Now, F. Gary Gray is supposedly attached to direct, and Gerard Butler is in negotiations to star as Kane. It's also rumored an offer is out to Vin Diesel to co-star as Lynch, but there's no word on whether or not he'll have time or the interest. Though there have been two Kane and Lynch games, neither will be fondly remembered, and the audience waiting in the wings for this movie to finally get made is minute at best. What's more, there have been dozens of buddy bad guy movies with better concepts made, and the only thing that remotely makes Kane and Lynch stand out are its video game ties.

Maybe we'll all get lucky and this second go 'round will meet the same fate as the first, and 'Kane and Lynch' will remain in limbo.