It's a wrap for all you guys hoping for a trap character to finally join the ranks of Killer Instinct.

Adam Isgreen, the Creative Director of Killer Instinct Season 2, has revealed on the Ultra-Combo forum that Kan-Ra is the newest character coming to the current-gen fighting game. Kan-Ra will be available to download for owners of Killer Instinct: Ultra Version on Nov. 24. Those who have the Combo Pack of Killer Instinct will be able to get him on Nov. 30. Kan-Ra joins TJ Combo and Maya as Season 2's newest combatants. Next to the femme fatale, Sadira, Kan-Ra is the only other brand new character being added into Killer Instinct that we never saw in any of the previous games of the franchise.

Isgreen mentioned that Story Mode for Season 2 won't be available until all the other new characters are released -- it will be included in the last major Season 2 update, just like last time. He also achknowledged the existence of the Xbox 360 build of Killer Instinct that we recently reported. Iron Galaxy will be releasing a trailer for this mummified new character on Nov. 21.

This guy doesn't even need karate.

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