Magic Pixel partnered with TapZen to make a mobile strategy game this past year and now the companies are merging with Kabam to make a mega company.

The merge will open up not only more opportunities for Kabam with the acquisition of Mike Verdu, but also more global presence with a Los Angeles studio opening up with the merge. Kabam is most known for the mobile games it has produced over the years including Realm of the Mad God and Marvel Contest of Champions, and with Verdu on its team, it seems that it will continue down that same path. Verdu is most known for his previous roles of chief creative officer and co-president of Games at Zynga and Vice President and General Manager of Electronic Arts Los Angeles before starting up TapZen in 2012.

“Joining Kabam was an opportunity we could not pass up,” stated Verdu. “I’ve been impressed at how Kabam has quickly become a leader in the free-to-play games space, and I look forward to helping the team drive the evolution of mobile games into the next generation.”

Verdu isn't the first luminary to join the Kabam team and now along with him, Kevin Earl, Aaron Loeb and nine other studios it has acquired since 2010, it seems the company won't be slowing down anytime soon.