Next month's upcoming system update will bring about external storage support and real name identification for the Xbox One.

The Xbox Wire reports that the next major system update for the Xbox One will be happening next month and will introduce a few features fans have been asking for the most. In particular, Xbox One will soon have external storage support and will also give you the option to identify your friends online by their real names.

External storage support is important because it allows third-party storage devices be picked up by the system and lets them be used for storage. For those who digitally download all of the games they get on the Xbox One, this service will be a godsend. All that is required is that the connected external hard drive has to be 256 GB or larger and has to have an USB 3.0 connection. The Xbox One will be able to support up to two of these external hard drives at once.

You will be able to let certain members of your friends list to see you based on your first and last name instead of your Xbox Live Gamertag. This system update will also allow the SmartGlass companion app full access to your OneGuide and Universal Remote Control, so you can control your TV and movie playback from your mobile device.