The next major update for the Xbox One fixes friend system and adds stereo headset functionality.

Xbox Wire claimed that the Xbox One is getting a patch that is expected to come out in March. There is a small update this week for the Xbox One system which tweaks its voice commands and alters some of its application functionality.

In related news, Microsoft is releasing the Xbox One Stereo Headset, which is expected to hit store shelves in early March. The headset will have a detachable adapter that will put allow you to alter the audio controls whenever you like, such as balancing chat and game audio levels. For those with their own headphones that they would like to use, they're going to have to buy the Stereo Headset Adapter, which also releases in March. Those with 3.5 mm audio jack headphones or Xbox 360 gaming headsets with a 2.5 mm cable are going to need to connect directly to their Xbox One with an optical cable or directly to their TV with RCA cables.

The Stereo Headset Adapter will sell for $24.99, whereas the Xbox One Stereo Headset will be available for $79.99.

The March system update will offer stereo headset connectability along with changes to the Xbox One's friend system. It will add a Social Tile on the Xbox One Home screen and adds the "Xbox, go to Friends" voice command. Party chat rooms will divide players based on the games they are playing in case you have a group of friends playing one game and a group playing another. Xbox Live will give you the ability to override that division and maintain the group chat as well. An "invite friends to game" voice command will be included, along with the ability to look up recent players you met online.

The update is expected to launch before Titanfall's release date of March 11.