For those of you looking for another game to just have fun with, JUJU is here to relieve you from always feeling like you have to be the best at every game.

JUJU is a new game by Flying Wild Hog who have also brought players the Hard Reset games. However, JUJU is has a completely different feel than the gritty first-person shooter the developers originally came out with. You can jump, dash and bash through 40 stages of non-stop fun as you take on the role of Juju in a desperate attempt to find his dad. You can also play in the game's co-op mode with a friend who would play as Juju's best friend, Peyo.

One interesting thing about JUJU is that it's taking completely new strides in it's co-op play. It seeks to look at the dynamic of the age range that it's hoping to reach--children and parents--and adjust its game modes for two people of unequal skill. It has features such as drop-in/out multiplayer, competition-free gameplay and reduced chance to be targeted by bosses. These are all features of Peyo, the character meant to acclimate the player into the gaming world.

JUJU is now available as a digital download for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360.