Join hands and hearts and voices. Voices, hearts, and hands! Joining Hands 2, by 10tons Ltd., brings back the story of the Peablins, who are only happy when they are together and holding hands. Will this cute puzzler make you want to hang on tightly, or break the connection?

Joining Hands 2 is essentially just like the first one, with new puzzles. Peablins are adorable, tiny creatures with varying amounts of hands. One night they wake up to a fire ball crashing down on their land, and the mission of the game is to find out what it could possibly be. Over 140 levels exist for you to traverse, conquer, and figure out what the hell that ball of fire really is. Each level is a logic based puzzle featuring several Peablins in what looks like connected bubbles. The player must move the Peablins around within the bubbles until each one’s hands are holding onto another’s hands, and all the hands are full. You know what they say -- idle hands are the devil’s workshop -- so don’t let your Peablins’ hands go empty. They are too cute for you to let them become workers of Satan!

To mix up the difficulty, the game offers eight different kinds of Peablins. For example, the Grandlins (grandfather Peablins), are old and set in their ways, meaning the Grandlins have two hands that are set in one position and won’t move. They also sport a sexy beard that acts as a hand. There are also Starblins, Meeklins, and Brufflins to names a few, all with diverse characteristics so that you can’t just put them anywhere and expect them to immediately grab a hand.

Joining Hands 2 is a great game for all ages. Its simplistic gameplay makes it super easy for children to pick up, and it could even serve as a game adults and children can play together. Because it’s easy enough for kids, it may or may not hold an adults interest throughout the whole 140 stages. The game is very, very easy early on, and it takes a while before things get remotely challenging, so adults will likely lose interest quickly. When things do become a bit more challenging, the game offers a great hint system. Players gets unlimited hints, and you don’t have to pay for them with money, tears, or the blood of your loved ones! Unlike most iOS games, once you buy Joining Hands 2, it hooks you up with everything you need to play.

This iOS title is extremely low pressure, with no time limits or consequences for making mistakes. Move the Peablins as many times as you want, restart the level, or hint your way through the entire thing. On the flip side, there aren’t any in-game achievements or goals to work towards other than completing the level. There are 10 Game Center achievements, if you are connected, but other than that there’s no cheevos to speak of -- another reason why Joining Hands 2 may not hold your attention for very long.

Joining Hands 2 is a fun, simple sequel that’s great for younger kids and can be enjoyed by adults too, but in a more limited manner. It’s priced to sell and worth a try if you enjoyed the first one, or are simply looking for some incredibly low-stress gaming.


App Store Link: Joining Hands 2 for iPhone & iPad | By 10tons Ltd | Price: $0.99 | Version: 1.0.0 | 47.0 MB | Rating 4+

7.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating