Team17 is taking more and more indie games under its belt as its newest acquisition, Strength of the Sword: Ultimate, comes from Ivent Games and has successfully made it through Kickstarter.

Strength of the Sword: Ultimate was set up on Kickstarter a few weeks ago and now it has not only reached, but far surpassed its $14,000 goal and it still has seven days left to fund more money. The game is set to release on PlayStation Vita, Wii U and PC. Going $41,182 over its goal amount, it doesn't seem like the company will have any trouble making the game everything that its fans want it to be. In Ultimate, will be engaging in tactical and skill based combat as the War Golem, who is basically a super powered badass that doesn't even flinch at taking on multiple enemies or huge bosses.

Now that Team17 has brought the game under its belt, it seems that all of the success that the Kickstarter has produced will only be continued.

"We are extremely excited to announce that we are partnering up with the awesome guys and girls at Team17 in an epic effort to bring Strength of the SWORD: ULTIMATE to everybody we possibly can! Woohooo!" Lyubomir Iliev, the Artist/Director at Ivent Games said.

For now, you can check out some more details about the Strength of the Sword: Ultimate on its Kickstarter page as we wait for further information about its release date for the Wii U, PlayStation Vita and PC.

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