Item-duplication exploits have been found in many role-playing games before, even in previous Elder Scrolls titles, but we weren't expecting this to happen in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Many players have found an easy way to cheat the inventory system of The Elder Scrolls Online in order to make illegal copies of items, which has now started to ruin the economy of The Elder Scrolls Online, Kotaku reports. This has resulted in the MMORPG's market being filled with items and gold that were illegally found.

ZeniMax Online Studios responded to this exploit (featured in the video posted above), by turning off the ability to access guild banks in the game, which is a temporary way to prevent players from exploiting the bug even further. This item-duplication process is performed by depositing and withdrawing multiple stacks of materials from their bank. ZeniMax has already patched the ability to stack parts of your inventory in guild banks in an attempt to stop the glitch, but the damage has already done to the game's online market. As ZeniMax has already started to ban cheaters and bot-users during The Elder Scrolls Online's short lifespan, gamers are worried about how far the repercussions will reach when it comes to the money gained from profiting off these duplicated items, especially once that money starts to change hands.

The Elder Scrolls Online is currently available for PC. Those hoping to save Tamriel from Molag Balon on home consoles are going to have to wait until ZeniMax Online releases the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of The Elder Scrolls Online later this June.