The minds behind BioShock's final chapter have let us in on the creative process behind crafting the music for a masterpiece.

Irrational Games has released on its website a collection of three extended songs from BioShock Infinite: Burial at Sea. These three songs include "The Pie Song," "Old Man Winter Jingle" and "Little Sisters' Song" which all appear throughout Burial at Sea, but only in small fragments. Irrational has given us the option to hear each of these songs in its entirety while having the option to download them or just stream each one.

Jim Bonney, Burial at Sea's music director, explained that "Little Sisters' Song" is meant to inspire a small sense of propaganda in the house of the Little Sisters. Mind you, these little girls were taken from their families. It features a professional singer and child singers to create a biased look into the joyful hearts of the Little Sisters.

"The Pie Song" is an anti-establishment song with a '50s folk twang to it. Korby Lenker, a Nashville-based singer and songwriter was called in to help recreate its authentic '50s feel. "Old Man Winter Jingle" is a product advertisement to remind us that the commercialism in Rapture was on a level close to brainwashing, which reflects how easily its inhabitants could be swayed.

We'd like to thank Irrational Games for giving us this in-depth look into the creative music process, which tends to get overshadowed by focuses on graphics and gameplay mechanics in most developer diaries and behind the scenes features.