Spies who currently have secret access to the alpha build of Invisible Inc. are in for some new updates.

Klei Entertainment has announced that Invisible Inc.'s alpha build has been updated with augmented abilities, harder challenges and more stealth options for your agent to use. These new challengers come in the form of special security personnel who have more health and deal much more damage. To compensate for these stronger guards, you are now able to observe a guard and learn his patrol pattern, seeing exactly where he will be two turns in the future. You also now have the ability to hide behind cover in order bestow statistical penalties on guards who try to hit your agent while he is hidden. A tutorial mode has also been added as well.

Currently, Invisible, Inc. is in the alpha stage of development and testing. Those who would like to have access to the beta must pre-order the full title for $16.99, but doing so will give you full access to all versions of the Invisible, Inc. beta as they are released.