Sunset City is looking to be quite the place to grind through and visit in this newest video for Sunset Overdrive.

Insomniac Games has released its newest episode of 'Sunset TV,' its regular, behind-the-scenes show that details the features going into Sunset Overdrive. On top of this coverage, 'Sunset TV' also provides a lot of gameplay footage so we can get accustomed to this over-the-top, third-person shooter.

Sunset Overdrive has you playing as an agile FizzCo employee who must clean up the mess of his company's new energy drink causing humans to mutate. Due to this experimental beverage, all the people of Sunset City have become monsters and your character can do many of the insane, acrobatic moves we have come to expect from most third-person action titles.

While there are a lot of Dead Rising, Ratchet & Clank and Jet Set Radio's influences seen throughout Sunset Overdrive, it still has a lot of its own unique twists to keep us very interested. In particular, Overdrive's multi-level layout focuses on you grinding, jumping and swinging your way to higher areas of the stage to keep its action fresh.

Sunset Overdrive is going to be a part of Microsoft's big E3 presentation next week and will be coming out later this year exclusively on Xbox One.

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