A game with 'Infinity' in the name had better live up to its similarly named titles. But gazing at the infinity is dangerous. It can ruin even the most carefully constructed games and force them into the pit of repetitive boredom. Let's have a look and see if Infinity Danger will keep you rapt forever or leave you bored after 10 minutes.

Infinity Danger is a top down shoot-em-up set in the unending vastness of space. If this has your attention, that's because it should. This type of game is always a sure fire way to keep you entertained. Sadly though, I'm not sure Infinity Danger is up to the challenge of keeping your attention for very long. You have to work your way through a series of more challenging enemies and see just how far you can make it before being reduced to a floating orb of plasma.

The graphics are as detailed as can be from such a distant vantage point, but somehow they feel a bit lackluster. They look uninspired and each of the enemy ships look like a rearrangement of parts from the previous enemy. There is barely anything differentiating each spaceship you're trying to destroy, and it ends up being an endless cascade of similar enemies until you die. But, at least the explosions are rendered with due intensity and screen-filling majesty.

Controlling your attack ship is the single largest problem I have with Infinity Danger. In a shooter that requires you to think fast and dodge incoming fire, the controls are leaden and numb. It feels like your input has to travel through a thousand miles of wire, then beamed up to a satellite where a mouse in a wheel powers a computer to process it, and finally is relayed to your ship. It adds to the difficulty for sure, but in the most frustrating way. It would be much better to have zippier controls and reign in the freedom of motion. Let's dial back the complete freedom a bit and keep your ship at the bottom of the screen and able to aim anywhere you like. This way, we can focus on attacking and dodging without spinning out of control.

You'll also want to be on the look out for a number of crashes. This game can be a bit buggy with the menus occasionally not registering your finger taps. It will kick you back out to your home screen in the middle of a battle and force you to replay your way through again, which if you've made it far, can be quite frustrating.

One nice aspect of Infinity Danger is that it forces you to focus on a huge enemy station rather than dozens of tiny flying objects. It gives you the chance to quickly plan an attack and make your escape. You can float in closer to avoid gunfire and make a strike on a turret. It feels different than other shoot-em-ups, a bit more focused and slower paced. I give the devs credit for trying something new with the controls and singularly large enemies, but ultimately it doesn't quite work.

As a distraction while on public transportation, Infinity Danger is good for a few minutes. But any more than that and it will begin to frustrate you because of its squandered potential. There are better shoot-em-ups out there and it might be a good idea to take your non-infinite amount of time and use it to scour the App Store for something else.


App Store Link: Infinity Danger for iPhone & iPad | By Milkstone Studios SL | Price: $0.99 | Version: 1.1 | 41.8 MB | Rating 9+

4.5 out of 10 arcade sushi rating