4.5 out of 10 Review

Blackguards 2 Review
In the opening moments of turn-based strategy game Blackguards 2, you bear witness to a scene of a kitten being murdered and thrown out of a window. It’s deep with implication, unpleasant, entirely unfun, and a perfect metaphor for what you’re in for with the rest of this game.
Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark Review
If you want to know what it’s like to play Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark, imagine being charged fifty dollars to sit in a poorly-constructed tent where you’re forced to press the same button over and over while endless bags of garbage get dumped out on you. Strap in, kids, because this review’s gonna get ugly.
Deadman's Cross Review
Much as with a real zombie apocalypse, the undead are everywhere these days, and no medium is more infected with their proliferation than gaming. Square Enix isn't immune to the alluring pustulence of the walking dead, which is why it’s gotten in on the action with Deadman's Cross, an odd hybrid of first-person shooting, card battling and the other trend which has infected gaming: free-to-play...
Rekoil: Liberator Review Draft
In this day and age, it’s incredibly easy to pick on games like Rekoil: Liberator. Counterstrike knock-offs have been a dime a dozen since Valve’s multiplayer shooter became popular at the turn of the century. There’s no doubting that Rekoil is a Counterstrike wannabe. The key question is: does it do anything advance the gameplay or is it a pathetic money grab?
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z Review
On the surface, Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z looks like a shallow mess of unbalanced gameplay mechanics meant solely to satisfy die-hard fans of the DBZ anime and manga franchise. However, when you sit down and actually play the game, you realize that it’s so much worse. In an attempt to simplify Battle ofl Z’s mechanics and introduce new team battles, Namco Bandai has managed to remove what little depth Dragon Ball Z fighting games had to offer.

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