This latest trailer for Infinite Crisis introduces the DC Universe's most infamous five-head, Sinestro.

Get ready for a lot of fear and yellow things, because Sinestro's mustachioed self is joining the ranks of champions in Infinite Crisis. The leader of the Sinestro Corps is a blaster and uses Will as a resource to hit his enemies from afar. Check out his following skills to get an idea of how he plays in the game:

  • Passive: Yellow Impurity - Sinestro's auto attacks mark targets with Yellow Impurity, giving his core skills a bonus effect.
  • Saw Blade - Hurls a yellow construct blade at targets, dealing Power damage. If the target is affected by Yellow Impurity, they take Power damage equal to the % of their missing health.
  • Dread Scythe - Deals power damage to all targets in a wide cone and silences them if they're marked with Yellow Impurity.
  • Cull the Weak - Dash to a target location, dealing Power damage to all nearby enemies, resetting the cooldown if a champion is killed. Enemies marked with Yellow Impurity are dealt additional Power damage.
  • Ultimate: Fear Incarnate - Hits enemy champions with Parallax, the embodiment of fear. If hit, the enemy champion is stunned and suffers Power damage. This skill also fears nearby enemies and marks them with Yellow Impurity. If not champion is hit, then Parallax creates an area-of-effect that applies fear, Power damage and marks all enemies with Yellow Impurity.
Watch the video above to get more tips and tricks regarding how to properly use the fear-wielding, purple one and jump into Infinite Crisis.