Robin, the Boy Wonder, makes his debut in this champion profile trailer for Infinite Crisis.

The trailer is nearly three minutes long and explores Tim Drake's role as a melee support unit. This spunky acrobatic can sustain lanes and disrupt teams using his skills. His bag of tricks includes:

  • Passive Skill - This Guy!: Basic attacks will mark a target. Attacking marked target consumes the mark and bonus attack damage is dealt. Also restores Will or Energy.
  • Vault Kick: Deals Attack damage with a knockback effect and applies "This Guy!"
  • Bo Master: Deflects Attack damage and reduces target's movement speed. Also allows Vault Kick to pass through enemies, but does not apply "This Guy!" or knockback effect.
  • Dynamic Duo: Buffs allied targets to increase move speed, attack and Power damage lifesteal. Also grants bonus Will or Energy when passive's mark is consumed.
  • Emergent Leader: This ultimate attack deals attack damage in a wide radius around Robin, knocking targets back. It also buffs the Attack and Power damage of nearby allies, the duration of which is increased with each enemy champion that's hit by the attack.

Watch the video above to see Robin in action and to find out different tips and tricks for using him in Infinite Crisis. You can sign up for the closed beta right here.

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