Jamie Reyes walks the path of the 'Beetleborgs' as the newest addition to Turbine's MOBA, Infinite Crisis.

The newest DC character to join into the ranks of Infinite Crisis is the lesser known superhero, the Blue Beetle, who has had an ongoing line of comics since 1939 (though there were some hiatuses taken throughout history where the Blue Beetle was absent from the comic book industry). Jamie Reyes comes equipped with his mythical scarab which can change itself to protect its owner and will alter Jamie's powers depending on the situation.

Blue Beetle has a Marksman and Assassin form, and both forms offer a variety of combat options in the battle arena. This allows Blue Beetle to be able to fire at enemies from afar and do area-of-effect damage. He also has the capacity to rush in and dispatch enemies in a melee manner. This offers him a large amount of tactics to use on the battlefield and makes him rather unpredictable. While Blue Beetle might not be at the forefront of DC's rosters, he still proves that he can hang with the best DC has to offer, in Infinite Crisis at least.