A new character trailer for Turbine and Warner Bros.’ massively online battle arena, Infinite Crisis, has arrived. It focuses on one of the most interesting and popular DC characters created in the last 10 years, Atrocitus.

The being known as Atrocitus began as a simple alien named Atros. When rogue Manhunters, predecessors to the Green Lantern Corps, destroyed his world and killed his family, they left him as one of only five survivors in his space sector. Dubbing himself Atrocitus, he led the other survivors in a terrorist cabal called the Five Inversions on a mission of vengeance. They were captured in their attempt to slay the Guardians of the Universe and imprisoned on the planet Ysmault, but freed by Green Lantern Abin Sur. Eventually, Atrocitus murdered all of his teammates in order to create Red Lantern power batteries and rings, and a Central Red Lantern Battery on Ysmault. From this he formed the Red Lantern Corps, utilizing the power of rage in the same way Green Lanterns use willpower.

In the game, Atrocitus is shown as a formidable close-up champion who is able to use his rage abilities to supply massive damage and command attention from enemies. Filling Atrocitus’ rage meter allows him to do extra damage with basic and special attacks while adding extra effects. His passive Red Lantern’s Rage ability damages enemies who attack him, while his Ultimate Ability, Plasma Wave, does damage over time and makes enemies more vulnerable to damage.

Infinite Crisis is scheduled for launch sometime in the future, but players can join the open beta to experience the super-heroic MOBA right now. With DC’s enormous pool of characters, we’re sure to see more character trailers soon.

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