A new champion profile trailer for Infinite Crisis has been released. This time, we get to see Arcane Green Lantern get his time in the limelight. Get it?

Sir Harold Jordan is a member of the Order of Emerald Knights and grew up among them after the Shadow League unleashed the Black and orphaned him.

In Infinite Crisis, he takes on the role of Support and Enforcing, giving him great defensive powers.

His Emerald Lantern skill inflicts area of effect (AoE), power damage, grants vision and also boosts his allies' Attack Armor. His passive ability allows him to apply an Emerald Light to enemies. Any ally who strikes affected enemies will regain health over time.

The Construct Champion skill creates a stained-glass knight that rushes forward, deals power damage and knocks trampled enemies into the air. Activating this skill again will cause Harold to blink to the Construct's location, dispelling it.

The Shackles skill slows enemies and roots them for a short amount of time. And finally, his ultimate skill is called Deny the Black and lets him extend Emerald Lantern's vision, place Emerald Light on many enemies and allows him to teleport to an ally in order to shield them.

Watch the video above to see these skills in action and to check out some tips and tricks for using Arcane Green Lantern effectively in battle.

If you're interested in joining the fight, you can sign up for the beta here.

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