People hoping to pop in Infamous: Second Son into their PlayStation 4 and instantly go to work should be prepared to download its day one patch that includes 19 new missions and over five hours of additional gameplay.

Thanks to VideoGamer, we have learned that Sucker Punch Productions has included a day one patch which adds quite a bit of overall content to the latest entry in the Infamous series. This patched-in content includes the "Paper Trail" side mission, which includes both online and single-player aspects to it.

Be prepared for new, free content being released every week for the first six weeks after Second Son's launch. There is also "Cole's Legacy Content Pack" being included with this launch patch, which will come free with any pre-order of Second Son and details the events that immediately followed Infamous 2. The legacy pack will feature four story missions and another extra hour of gameplay. There are also difficulty, boss, graphical and technical improvements being included with this patch of Second Son.

Infamous: Second Son will debut on March 21 exclusively for PlayStation 4.