Delsin's looking to do some damage in this latest gameplay trailer for Infamous: Second Son.

The trailer was posted to the PlayStation Blog by Darren Bridges, Senior Game Designer at Sucker Punch Productions. In it, we find Delsin in a destructive mood, as this playthrough of the game has him set on the ruthless path. He has another Conduit named Fetch in tow, a girl who has the ability to use Neon powers. Since he's on the path of ruthlessness, Delsin decides to unload his own Neon powers on a group of anti-Conduit protesters.

Brutality ensues as he lets his rage loose on the protesters, showing no restraint as he causes all kinds of collateral damage and zaps people left and right. It's quite a show of the old ultra-violence. Of course, Delsin doesn't have to be a ruthless murderer and can pick a more heroic route. The choice is up to the player.

You'll be able to choose Delsin's fate when Infamous: Second Son is released on PlayStation 4 on March 21.