Believe it or not, finding the top 10 games just like Angry Birds isn't as easy as it seems. Sure, a lot of games seem similar to the popular franchise, but not many of them actually play in the same manner. But we did some digging and managed to find ones we think you'll enjoy if you're getting tired of flinging birds at pigs.

  • Pandas vs Ninjas

    Semyon Milbert

    Why is it ninjas are always getting in the way of everything? Take out these bothersome shinobi by launching baby pandas at them. Are there more exciting Angry Birds type games out there? There are. But how many let you launch cute baby pandas?

  • Bomb the Zombies

    net mobile AG

    Despite its weird control scheme, Bomb the Zombies is just like Angry Birds because the goal is to knock down a structure and knock out its inhabitants. Only these inhabitants happen to be flesh-eating zombies. What a bummer life. You get bit by a zombie, turn into one, then you're blown up while chillin' at home. I bet their health insurance costs are ridiculous.

  • Max Damage

    Digital Goldfish Ltd

    Max is that one kid every parents dreads. This online flash game made its way over to iOS with a ton of new content. Your goal is to cause as much damage as possible to the items in each level by firing objects from Max's cannon. The graphics aren't that great but it's fun destroying a bunch of electronics and appliances.

  • Fragger

    Miniclip SA

    Fragger has a simple concept -- chuck a grenade at the bad guys and blow them up. Too bad everything but the kitchen sink is in your way. Hopefully you're good with angles because Fragger is a tricky one. Just make sure you pull the pin before you throw. Cause that would be embarrassing.

  • Fruit vs Veg

    Fancy Pencil LLC

    Fruit vs Veg takes the Angry Birds idea and turns it into a multiplayer battle. Choose to be either the fruit or the veggies and take each other out. It's like Worms only you're destroying structures and these guys are healthier to eat. It's a fun game worth checking out. Now if you'll excuse me, this broccoli has got some payback coming his way.

  • Siege Hero

    Armor Games Inc

    Crush the castles and destroy the pirates in this fun first-person perspective game that's just like Angry Birds. With a host of weapons to choose from and great physics, you'll be playing Siege Hero for hours as you try and collect gold crowns. Can you unlock the extra treasure levels?

  • Crush the Castle

    Armor Games Inc

    I love Crush the Castle. It easily earns a place in our top 10 games just like Angry Birds list. It reminds me of playing a game on the Amiga or Commodore 64. Use a trebuchet and fling rocks at the knights, kings and queens holding ground at their castle. It's different from the other games on this list because you don't get to zoom out before you fire, you just have to make sure you release at the right time or the rocks will fly over your target. Sure, it can be frustrating at times, but when you do hit, the squeal you hear as they die makes it all worth it.

  • Stupid Zombies

    GameResort LLC

    Stupid Zombies is a lot more complicated than it looks. Use angles in each of the puzzles to ricochet the bullet and kill the zombies on each level. It's not as easy as it sounds but when you find that sweet spot, you'll get to see shots like the one below where the undead are flying all over the place. Next to their blown off heads.

  • Catapult King


    A first-person view gives this entry a new perspective on tower collapsing games. Pull back on the catapult and let the boulders fly as you smash into the ugliest knights you've ever seen in a video game. Knock them all out before facing the dragon that started this giant headache when he kidnapped the princess. Catapult King is a lot of fun, and best of all? It's free!

  • Coco Loco


    Coco Loco might be even weirder than Angry Birds. Ninjas, jellies, bombs, sumo guys and anything else the possibly-drunk developers could think of are flung into towers to rescue trapped marshmallows from chocolate guardians. It's as stupid as it reads but boy is it fun. Each level is more insane than the one before it and watching jelly explode all over the screen will make you smile. if you like Angry Birds, you'll love Coco Loco.