The Twilight Princess returns with a new wolf in Hyrule Warriors, and she's not taking anybody's crap.

This latest trailer for Hyrule Warriors features Midna returning to Hyrule and helping Link rid his world of the evil plaguing the land. Since Link isn't in the Twilight Realm, Midna is riding on the back of a new wolf, presumably created out of her magic, to help her maneuver through battle. Midna fights using her giant arm that she would use during the Wolf-Link segments of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Watch as Midna puts on the Fused Shadow helmet and becomes the massive, spider-like creature we last saw fight Ganon one on one. We really hope her human form from Twilight Princess' ending is included in the game.

Midna will join the likes of Link, Lana, Agitha, Impa and Zelda as they try to save the land from Ganon's forces in Hyrule Warriors when it launches on Aug. 14 exclusively for Wii U.

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