This latest trailer for Hyrule Warriors proves that Impa wields a mean stick.

Link already showed off an array of toys on the battlefield, so why shouldn't the other characters in Hyrule Warriors have some fun too? Watch as Impa decimates enemy forces with her Naginata, which is basically a staff with a sword at the end of it. This weapon has much more range and versatility than her default sword, allowing Impa to strike down dozens of enemies with each swing. It also has the ability to harness fire.

Get ready to get your swing on as Impa and the rest of Hyrule Warriors' characters when it launches on Sept. 26 for Wii U. Also, Nintendo will be hosting a Hyrule Warriors Direct event live on Aug. 8.

Impa might wield fight for the Triforce, but a certain game myth from the original Legend of Zelda suggests she might fight for something else.